1. International Joint Congress on Minimally Invasive Surgery in otolaryngology and Neurosurgery. June 17-20, 1995 Pittsburgh, USA. Invited to moderate a workshop in Minimally Invasive   Skull Base Surgery. Presented a paper on Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery. Presented a video on technique of Endoscopic Hypophysectomy
  2. Third International Sinus Symposium Cairns, Australia
  3. August 14-17, 1995.Plenary session speaker on Endoscopic Management of Lesions of the Sella and the parasellar region.
  4. Annual American Academy of Otolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery meeting, New Orleans September 17-20, 1995. Plenary session speaker on Endoscopic Hypophysectomy
  5. XI National Congress of Indonesian ENT Society, Yogjakarta, Indonesia, October 1995.Panelist in panel discussion on sinusitis, rhinology and endoscopic sinus surgery. Advanced techniques in endoscopic sinus surgery. Presentation on Endoscopic management of CSF leaks. Presentation on Endoscopic Management of Orbital apex lesions. Live surgery demonstration of Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery
  6. Ninth Asian-Australiasian Congress of Nerurosurgery, December 1995, Taipeh, Taiwan. Video presentation on Endoscopic Pituitary Surgery, presented by co-author
  7. American Rhinologic Society meeting, Orlando May 1996.Invited speaker on Advanced Endoscopic Techniques: Endoscopic Hypophysectomy
  8. 1996 Annual Rhinology Lecture, Montreal General Hospital, May 9, 1996, Montreal Canada. “Endoscopic Pituitary Surgery”
  9. North American Skull Base Congress, June 1996, San Diego, USA. Faculty presentation on Endoscopic Pituitary Surgery, presented by co-author
  10. World Skull Base Congress, June 1996, San Diego, USA. Invited faculty for Endoscopic Pituitary Surgery, paper presented by co-author
  11. 10.12th Indonesian Neurosurgeons’ Association Congress, July 8-10, 1996, Surubaya, Indonesia Endoscopic Pituitary Surgery, paper presented by co-author
  12. Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Course, New Delhi, November 1996 Guest Lecturer Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital, New Delhi.
  13. American Academy of Otolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery Centennial Meeting, Washington DC September 26 – October 2, 1996 Instructional Course on Endoscopic Pituitary Surgery: Course # 1822-1.
  14. The 35th Annual Meeting, the Japan Rhinologic Society, Sendai, Japan, October 24 -26, 1996, Plenary session on Endoscopic Pituitary Surgery & Presentation on Endoscopic Management of Orbital Apex Lesions
  15. Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Course, Bombay, India, January 5-7, 1997: Invited to conduct a course in Endoscopic Sinus Surgery at Nanavati Hospital, Bombay
  16. All India Otolaryngology Association meeting, Udaipur, India. G S Grewal Plenary Lecture “Concept and Controversies of Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery”
  17. XVI World Congress of Otolaryngology Meeting at Sydney, Australia, March 4 – 7, 1997 Invited Speaker for the Academic Program on Endoscopic versus Microscopic Nasal and Sinus Surgery. Presented a video on Endoscopic Pituitary Surgery. Presented paper on Isolated Sphenoid Lesions.
  18. The North American Skull Base Society 8th Annual Meeting, Little Rock, Arkansas, USA; March 21-25, 1997.Panelist on Pituitary Tumors & presentation on Endoscopic Pituitary Surgery
  19. 41st Annual Philippine Society of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery Convention, Cebu City, May 15 – 17, 1997. Guest Speaker.
  20. Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Course – Madras, India. August 8-10, 1997: Conducted workshop on Endoscopic Sinus Surgery including several didactic sessions, cadaver dissection and live surgery.
  21. Micro-endoscopic Sinus Surgery Course, Sao Paulo, Brazil, and November 5-8, 1997: Invited Faculty. Conducted workshop on Endoscopic Sinus Surgery including several didactic sessions, cadaver dissection and live surgery.
  22. IXth Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Course:  Moolchand Hospital New Delhi, January 5-6,      1998:  Invited Faculty. Conducted workshop on Endoscopic Sinus Surgery including several didactic sessions, cadaver dissection and live surgery.
  23. 11th All India Rhinology Society Meeting:  Lady Harding Hospital, New Delhi, Jan 7, 1998:  Guest Speaker: Endoscopic Frontal Recess Surgery.
  24. Association of Otolaryngologist of India – 50th Annual meeting, Jan 8, 1998:  Endoscopic Sinus Surgery, Basic, and Advance & Future Direction: CME program.
  25. Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Course, Spain, April 22- 24, 1998: Invited Faculty.
  26. South Zone ENT Conference, Bangalore, India, July 1998Guest Orator and Course Faculty.
  27. ISIAN & ERS International Meeting, Vienna July 30 – August 2, 1998, Invited Speaker & Workshop Director
  28. Invited Speaker to ENT Hospital Ho Chi Minh City, August 7-9, 1998
  29. Advanced Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Course, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia, November 20-21, Guest Faculty.
  30. Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Course: Jaipur Golden Jubilee Hospital, New Delhi, December 15 – 16, 1998. Guest Faculty.
  31. Sinus Endoscopic Society of India, Inaugural Meeting, December 17-18, 1998 Madras, India. Guest Faculty.
  32. 18th ISIAN meeting, February 14-18, 1999 Manila, Philippines Guest Faculty.
  33. 2nd Regional ENT Workshop on FESS, March 13-14, 1999, Hyderabad, India. Guest faculty.
  34. Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Course, April 22-25, 1999, Mallorca, Spain.
  35. Minimally Invasive Skull Base Surgery, Barcelona, June 17-20, 1999 Guest Speaker.
  36. Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Course, June 22-25, 1999, West Suffolk Hospital, London, United Kingdom
  37. Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Course, August 7-9, 1999, Madras, India.
  38. Advanced Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Course, October 15-17, 1999, Milan, Italy
  39. The 5th Asian-Oceania International Congress on Skull Base Surgery, November 12-15, 1999, Mumbai, India. Workshop Director & Invited Speaker
  40. Third Regional ENT Workshop, Mediciti Hospital Hyderabad, February 4-6, 2000, Guest Speaker. Live surgical demonstrations.
  41. Asia Oceania Otolaryngology meeting, Manila, Philippines February 10-12, 2000. Instructional course on frontal recess surgery and scientific symposiums.
  42. FESS Course: National ENT Institute, Hanoi, April 7, 2000. Guest Lecturer
  43. 2nd SAARC meeting, Kathmandu, Nepal May 26- 29 2000 Guest Speaker.
  44. Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Course, University of Iowa, Iowa, USA June 9-10, 2000. Guest Lecturer.
  45. Guest Lecture, Henry Ford Hospital, MI, USA Grand Ward Rounds. June 14, 2000 “Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery”.
  46. Guest Lecturer, Otolaryngology Head Neck Surgery, University of Mississippi Medical Center, June 15, 2000
  47. XVIII Congress of European Rhinologic Society, XIX International symposium on Infection and Allergy of the nose, Barcelona, June 25-29, 2000. Symposium Chairman and speaker.
  48. Advanced Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Course, July 29-30, University Hospital, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
  49. Third Functional endoscopic sinus surgery course, KKR Hospital, July 21-23, 2000 Madras, INDIA.
  50. Advanced Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Course, Mangalore, India. October 20-21, 2000
  51. 69th Annual ENT Society meeting, Taipei, Taiwan. November 4-5, 2000, Plenary Speaker.
  52. Sinus Endoscopy Society of India, Third Annual Meeting, December 15-17, 2000, Coimbatore, India
  53. FESS 2001 4th Regional ENT Workshop, March 2-4, 2001. Hyderabad, India, Invited Faculty
  54. The Millenium Ear Surgery Workshop: Chennai, India, Otology. Neuro-otology & Skull base Surgery April 6-8, 2001, Invited Faculty
  55. The ASEAN work group meeting: Koh Samui, Thailand, May 29-June 1, 2001
  56. FESS 2001: Basic & Advanced Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Workshop, KKR Hospital ENT Research Institute, Chennai, India, July 20-22, 2001 Guest Faculty.
  57. Guest Speaker on Advanced Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Techniques: Taj Hotel, Mumbai, India October 22, 2001
  58. Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Workshop: Feb 1-3, 2002, Pune India, Guest Faculty
  59. Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Course: Feb 10-12, 2002, Jakarta, Indonesia, Guest Faculty
  60. North American Skull Base Society meeting: Feb 18-19, 2002, Plenary Speaker and International Symposium speaker, San Diego, USA
  61. Rhinology 2002: April 4-7, 2002, Sao Paulo, Brazil: Plenary Speaker
  62. Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Course, University of Iowa: June 7-8, 2002, Guest Faculty.
  63. Rhinoplasty Course, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  64. FESS 2002, Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Workshop: Chennai, India, August 9-11, 2002, Guest Faculty
  65. 30th Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Course: Graz, Vienna: September, 5-7, 2002, Guest of Honor, 30th Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Course
  66. World Congress of Otolaryngology: IFOS meeting, Cairo, Egypt, September 28-Oct 5, 2002, Instruction Course and Symposiums.
  67. Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Course: Bombay Hospital  December 12, 2002, Bombay, India, Guest Faculty
  68. 34th Maharastra Regional ENT Conference, Thane, India: December 13-15, 2002, Guest Faculty & Plenary Speaker
  69. Guest Speaker: MaxHealthCare Hospitals, December 16-17, 2003, New Delhi, India.
  70. 10th ASEAN ORL Congress Precongress FESS Workshop: Brunei Darusalamm, January 25-26, 2003, Course Director and Guest Faculty.
  71. 10th ASEAN ORL & Head Neck Congress Brunei, Darussalam, January 27-29, 2003, Plenary Speaker
  72. Regional AOI meeting & FESS Course, Hyderabad, India, Feb 27- March 2, 2003
  73. Ninth Conference on Diseases of Nose and Paranasal Sinuses: “Advanced Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Techniques” Cairo, Egypt. Organized by Egyptian ORL Society, March 20-21, 2003. International Guest Speaker
  74. FESS Course: Madras Medical College, July 13-14, 2003
  75. Advanced FESS Course: Nelson Mandela School of Medicine, University of Natal, August 8-10, 2003, South Africa, and Principal Teaching Faculty.
  76. 6th Asia Pacific Congress of Endoscopic Surgery, Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, September 10-13, 2003. Invited Guest Speaker
  77. XIII National Congress of Indonesia ORL & Head Neck Society, October 14-16, Bali, Indonesia. Guest Speaker.
  78. FESS Workshop: Bali, Indonesia October 17, 2003 Surgical Demonstrations & Lectures.
  79. Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Workshop, St Luke’s Hospital Manila, Philippines. November 7-9, 2003. Surgical demonstrations and lectures.
  80. Panita Kursus & Demo, Bedah Sinus Endoskopic Fungsional II Perhati Cabang Sulselra: December 5-7, 2003 Makassar, Indonesia
  81. Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Workshop, Apollo Hospital, Chennai, December 12, 2003.
  82. Endsocopic Sinus Surgery Workshop, Apollo Hospital, Bangalore, December 13, 2003.
  83. Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Workshop, December 14, 2003, Guest Speaker, King Edward Medical College, Mumbai, India.
  84. North American Skull base Society Meeting, New Orleans February 11-17, 2004. Invited Speaker.
  85. Skull Base Surgery Workshop in conjunction with Asia Oceania Congress, Fen 27-28, 2004, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Invited Speaker.
  86. Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Workshop: Khon Kaen, Thailand. March 8-9, 2004. Principal Faculty.
  87. Annual Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Course, University of Iowa Medical Center, Iowa City. June 4-5, 2004. Guest Faculty.
  88. Michigan Association of Physicians from India (MAPI) Annual Meeting, June 6, 2004 Marriott Hotel, Troy, Michigan, Invited Speaker.
  89. Annual FESS workshop KK Ramalingam Hospital, August 6-8, 2004, Madras, India.
  90. Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Workshop, Post Graduate Institute, Chandigarh, August 27-28, 2004.
  91. SAARC Precongress FESS Workshop: August 30-31, Colombo, Sri Lanka.
  92. SAARC Congress: September 1-4, 2004, Colombo, Sri Lanka. Invited Speaker.
  93. 9th ARSR and 10th TPAIS meeting, November 19-23, 2004 Mumbai, India: Plenary speaker.
  94. Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Workshop: International Islamic University Malaysia, Kuantan. March 10-12, 2005. Guest Speaker
  95. Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Course: Ahmadabad, India. March 18-20, 2005. Guest Speaker.
  96. Guest Speaker: Kaohsiung University Medical Center, March 26, 2005.
  97. Symposium in Rhinology & Endoscopic Sinus Surgery. Taipei, Taiwan. March 27, 2005
  98. Live Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Workshop, Ipoh Hospital, Ipoh, Malaysia, April 10, 2005
  99. RHINOLOGY & ISIAN 2005 conference, Sao Paulo, Brazil: April 19-23, 2005: Guest Speaker
  100. GSK Symposium on Frontal Sinus: Ahmadabad, Guest Speaker June 4, 2005.
  101. GSK Symposium of Frontal Sinus: Taj Hotel, Mumbai, June 6, 2005 Guest Speaker
  102. 1st Malaysian Symposium on Allergy, Port Dickson, Malaysia, June 9-10, 2005 Guest Speaker
  103. 11th ASEAN ORL Head & Neck Surgery Congress, Nusa Dua, Bali. August 23-25, 2005: Invited Guest.
  104. World Congress for Endoscopic Surgery of the Brain, Skull Base and Spine: October 14-16, 2005, Pittsburgh, PA.   Invited Speaker.
  105. 11th Congress of the International Rhinologic Society (IRS) Sydney, Australia. October 25-28, 2005. Invited Speaker.
  106. 11th ASEAN Research Symposium in Rhinology: Pre Congress FESS workshop. November 29-30, University Kebangsan Malaysia
  107. 11th ASEAN Research Symposium: Hilton Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, December 1-3, 2005
  108. Minimally Invasive Skull base Workshop, University of Malaya Medical Centre. December 4-5, 2005
  109. 1st International FESS Course, Birla Auditorium, December 17-19, 2005. Jaipur, India.
  110. Middle East Update in Otolaryngology Head & Neck Surgery, Al Busman Rotan Hotel Dubai, UAE January 18-20, 2006. Invited Speaker
  111. 4TH GCC ORL, Head and Neck Society Symposium and the 11th National Scientific Meeting of Otolaryngologists, Head and Neck Surgeons of the Sultanate of Oman. Sultan Qaboos University, Muscat, Oman, February 1-3, 2006. Invited Speaker
  112. 7th Annual FESS Course: “Safety in FESS”: St Luke’s Medical Centre, Quezon City, And Manila. March 10-12, 2006
  113. ASOHNS Scientific meeting, Grand Hyatt, Melbourne, March 28-31, 2006. Guest Speaker
  114. Chinese Society of Otolaryngology meeting. May 19-21, 2006, Xiamen, China. Guest Speaker.
  115. First FESS Course, Defense Services General Hospital. Yangon, Myanmar. May 26-28, 2006
  116. Annual Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Course, University of Iowa Medical Center, June 9-10, 2006
  117. Chinese Medical Association Annual Meeting, Veteran Hospital, Taipei, Guest Speaker, June 24-25, 2006
  118. 14th FESS Course, Jakarta, July 1-4, 2006 Guest Speaker
  119. University of British Columbia: Current Techniques in Endoscopic Sinus Surgery, Vancouver. July 25-26, 2006. Guest Speaker.
  120. 10th Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Course, KKR Hospital, Chennai, India. August 11-13, 2006. Guest Faculty
  121. 19th National Conference of Pakistan Society of Otorhinolaryngology. Lahore, Pakistan. November 16-18, 2006. Guest Speaker.
  122. Tri Services General Hospital Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Course: Taipei, Taiwan. January 12-14, 2007. Guest Speaker.
  123. 5th International Conference, ENT Department, Tanta University, Egypt. Guest Speaker.
  124. Veteran General Hospital, 1st International Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Course, Taipei, Taiwan. March 13-14, 2007.
  125. 6th Istanbul Master Class Symposium, Istanbul University, April 4-6, 2007. Guest Speaker.
  126. Advanced Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Course: Riyadh Military Hospital. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, April 27- May 1, 2007. Guest Speaker.
  127. Shimmian Rhinoplasty Hand On Course, Seoul, Korea. May 15-18, 2007. Invited Guest.
  128. Asia Pacific Rhinology Forum on Advanced ESS and Endoscopic skull base surgery. State of the Art Surgical Techniques and Approaches. The Chinese University of Hong Kong. July 5-7, 2007. Guest Speaker.
  129. 11th Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Course 2007: KKR Hospital, Chennai, India. Guest Speaker.
  130. ASEAN Congress, FESS Workshop. Ho Chin City, Vietnam. August 20-21, 2007. Guest Speaker.
  131. Advanced Endoscopic Skull Base and Pituitary Surgery Course, Cornell University Medical College, New York, USA. September 2007 Guest Speaker.
  132. South Africa Otolaryngology & Head Neck Society meeting 2007, Sun City. November 11-14, 2007.Guest Speaker.
  133. Pacific Rim Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery Update, Honolulu, Hawaii. February 16-19, 2008.
  134. KKR Institute Septorhinoplasty Workshop, Chennai. Guest Speaker. April 4-6, 2008.
  135. Ipoh General Hospital Pituitary Surgery Workshop. April 18, 2008. Key note speaker.
  136. KK Ramalingam Institute 12th FESS workshop, Chennai. August 29-30, 2009. Key note speaker.
  137. 30th Turkish National Congress of Otolaryngology, Antalya, Turkey. October 8-12, 2008
  138. International FESS Workshop, Thane, India. November 21-23. Key Note Speaker
  139. Live Surgery FESS Workshop, Jaipur, India. November 24-25. Key Note Speaker.
  140. 72nd Shimmian Rhinoplasty hands-on Course, Seoul, Korea. December 19-21, 2008.
  141. Pacific Rim Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery Update, Hilton Hawaiian Village, Wikiki Beach, Hawaii. February 14-17, 2009. Guest Speaker.
  142. 5th Jakarta International FESS Course & Workshop. March 7-9, 2009. Key Note Speaker.
  143. Advanced Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Workshop, MAA Hospital: April 10-12, 2009. Key Note Speaker
  144. Asia Pacific Innovative Leaders Forum (APRIL), Chinese University of Hong Kong, August 6-8, 2009
  145. 13th Annual Sinus Surgery Workshop, KKR ENT Institute, Chennai. September 4-6, 2009. Key Note Speaker.
  146. 13th International Rhinoplasty Workshop & 2nd Congress of ASACS, Zhengzhou, China. November 6-9, 2009
  147. Annual Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Course, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand. November 16-19, 2009
  148. Sinonasal & Skull Base Tumor Advisory Board Meeting, Stubai Valley- Tyrol- Austria. January 13-17, 2010. Advisory Board Member.
  149. Advanced Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Workshop, MAA Hospital, Hyderabad, January 29-31, 2010. Key Note Speaker
  150. Sixth Jakarta International FESS course & workshop, Indonesia ORLHNS Society, Four Seasons Hotel, March 5-7, 2010
  151. Australian Society of Otolaryngology Head & Neck Surgery (ASOHNS) meeting, Sydney, March 28 – March 31. Key Note Speaker.
  152. International Rhinology Innovative Symposium (IRIS) on Advanced ESS and Endosocpic Skullbase Surgery and Brain Surgery. May 10-12, 2010, Sheraton WTC Sao Paulo, Brazil
  153. 2nd International Otolaryngology Head Neck Conference &  MSOHNS 30th AGM, June 4-6, 2010, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
  154. Indonesian Otolaryngology HNS meeting, July 4-6, 2010 Makassar, Indonesia.
  155. Sialendoscopy Course, November 18-19, 2010 Hyderabad, India
  156. 17th Workshop on FESS MAA ENT Institute. Taj Banjara Hotel. February 11-13, 2011
  157. 12th Asia Oceania Oto-HNS Congress, Aotea Centre, Auckland, New Zealand March 1-4, 2011
  158. 14th ASEAN ENT Society meeting. Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. Pre Congress FESS Course. May 9-11, 2011
  159. Young Surgeons Forum in Rhinology. June 23-24, 2011. University of Malaya, Kula Lumpur, Malaysia
  160.  International Rhinology Innovation Symposium meeting, Adelaide July 14-16, 2011
  161.  15th KKR ENT Hospital FESS Workshop August 5-7, 2011
  162.  First IPOH Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Course, October 14-16, 2011, Raja Permaisuri Bainun Hospital, Ipoh, Malaysia.
  163.  20th FESS Workshop, MAA ENT Institute, Taj Banjara Hotel, December 9-11, 2011
  164.  3rd National FESS Course, 2011: December 25-28, 2011. Ganesh Mann Singh Memorial Academy, Kathmandu, Nepal.
  165.  Rhinology Summit 2012: Intercontinental Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia February 25-26, 2012
  166.  Surgical Management of Thyroid Disorders: Jain ENT Hospital, Jaipur, India. July 28-29, 2012
  167.  16th Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Course, KKR ENT Hospital, August 10-12, 2012, Chennai, India
  168.  International Rhinology Innovation Symposium meeting, Hong Kong. August 16-18, 2012
  169.  MediQuest ENT Conclave Meeting, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, India. October 5-7. 2012
  170.  2nd Ipoh FESS Course, Ipoh, Malaysia. October 12-14, 2012
  171. 25th Advanced Endoscopic Sinus Surgery workshop, MAA Hospitals, Hyderabad 8-10 February 2013
  172.  Rhinology Summit 2013, Royal Chulan, Kuala Lumpur, 19-21 April 2013, Invited Speaker and Live surgery demonstrations
  173. 9th International  Workshop on Endoscopic Endonasal Skullbase Surgery, Jaipur. Invited Speaker.
  174.  International Rhinology Innovations Symposium, Kuala Lumpur 20-22 August 2013. Invited Speaker
  175.  ENT Conclave Lectures in Mumbai and New Delhi. 20-22 September 2013. Invited Speaker
  176.  3rd Ipoh FESS Course, Ipoh, Malaysia. 11-13 October 2014. Invited Speaker and Live Surgery Demonstrations
  177.  10th Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery Workshop & Rhinology Symposium. 5-8 June 2014. Bombay Hospital & West End Hotel. Key Note Oration and Invited Speaker
  178.  Rhinology and Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Workshop, University of Dhaka, Dhaka. June 20, 2014. Invited Speaker
  179.  4th Ipoh FESS Course, Ipoh, Malaysia. 10-12 October 2014. Invited Speaker and Surgical Demonstrations
  180. 6th National Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Workshop, Tribhhuvan University Teaching Hospital, 4-6 January 2015: Chief Guest Faculty